Marco Rubio for President?

Burnie ThompsonUncategorized

I endorsed Marco Rubio in 2010 for U.S. Senator because he presented himself as the conservative Republican candidate. I’m very disappointed in him. I won’t endorse him again. I have learned just how covetous he is to hold political office. He maximizes his charm and eloquence to advance himself more than to advance Liberty. 
1. Rubio ran as a grassroots conservative during the Tea Party wave of 20101, but went to DC and immediately became part of the GOP Establishment. The first thing he did was hire Cesar Conda – former aid to Dick Cheney, and Mitt Romney advisor – as his chief of staff. 
2. Then Rubio joined the Gang of Ocho and began pushing for amnesty, saying we need to fix the “broken immigration system” and bring illegal aliens out of the shadows. During his campaign, he said giving legal status was amnesty by another name and promised to stand against it. This betrayal made many of us think Rubio’s the one who’s broken and needs to come out of the shadows. 
3. He votes fairly well on fiscal issues.
4. Rubio treats the Bill of Rights the same way Occupy Protesters treat police cars. He has helped blow a hole through the Fourth Amendment. Privacy, probable cause and due process have been major casualties to Rubio’s support of the anti-Constitutional Patriot Act & Homeland Security. There is no excusing his support for indefinite detainments. 
5. He is very hawkish and supports military adventurism.
6. He is sympathetic to federal education standardize testing while being careful to not articulate it by name.
7. Rubio is ineligible because he is not a Natural Born Citizen. Many people discount this as “Birther” nonsense but the Constitution mandates this requirement ONLY for the Office of President. This fact alone indicates there is a real distinction that should not be ignored. In order to be a Natural Born Citizen, both parents must be Americans at the time of birth. Rubio’s father didn’t become a naturalized citizen until a few years after Marco was born in Miami. 
All of that said, I think Rubio is the most likely to prevail as the GOP’s candidate for president. He is the Republican with the most style over substance. He’s charming and articulate. And he can appeal to those who care about identity politics. 
He did three major things to lose my support:
1. Hired a major GOP Establishment figure as his chief of staff after running as a grassroots conservative. 
2. Joined the Gang of Ocho and advocated legal status for illegal aliens; something he used to call amnesty. 
3. He joined Sen. Rand Paul’s famous filibuster hours afterward, only when it became politically beneficial to himself. This is particularly disturbing, considering Rubio’s terrible voting record on privacy and due process. This really underscores Rubio’s covetous political ambition.
Marco Rubio has ambition over principle rather than becoming the conservative GOP statesman America desperately needs right now.