Broadcasting from the Liberty Lounge Studio, Burnie is a little more Whiskey Rebellion than Tea Party, shirking partisanship and instead appealing to that American yearning to be free.

According to the Spring’13/Fall’12 Arbitron average, The Burnie Thompson Show commanded an 9.3 AQH Share (Men 25-54) from 12-3 p.m. in Panama City.

Passionate and warm; high energy; the intellectual who doesn’t act like one – Burnie mixes lots of information into simple ways of saying things with his easy style and charm.

Burnie’s commentaries are strikingly original and full of Burnie-isms that listeners adopt in their own conversations. Lots of sound and funny drops make the show as entertaining as it is informative and provocative, prompting remarkably long TSL ratings.

“The show is a mix between a 21st Century Town Hall and your favorite saloon; a place where ideas collide and reason prevails,” says Thompson. “Advancing freedom and protecting the family budget from government plunder – that’s what we do by giving Floridians a place to link arms and make a difference. And we have a whole lot of fun doing it!”