BOMBSHELL MOTION: Lynn Haven Defendant Points to More Prosecutorial Misconduct

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PANAMA CITY BEACH – Developer James Finch filed a motion today demanding that Prosecutors explain why the Court should not dismiss the entire case as Prosecutors continue to withhold key evidence well after the Judge’s deadline. The motion also demands that Prosecutors turn it over immediately. Federal Judge Mark Walker has already warned Prosecutors – whose conduct has been deemed … Read More

Prosecutors latest claim: James Finch set up former Lynn Haven Mayor in corruption case

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PANAMA CITY BEACH – In response to Defendants’ motion for separate trials, Prosecutors now allege that developer James Finch is the “impetus” behind planting evidence that led to the indictment of his lifelong friend and former Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson. The Defendants claim that the Bay County Sheriff’s Office leaked to now-deceased contractor and target Derwin White that a … Read More

Whistleblower lawsuit filed today by former PCB City Manager

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Tony O’Rourke filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the City of Panama City Beach today. He was fired the day after writing a memo dated Feb. 11 to the Mayor and Council about gross mismanagement, fraud, and neglect of duty.



(As heard in Pensacola on FM Talk 103.7 / Talk 790 AM (WPNN) weekdays from 5-7 p.m. ) I’m encouraging us to approach the CoronaVirus Scare with humility and a pursuit of clarity. We’re going to deal with the outbreak one way or another.  The question is … Would we rather have stocked stores, resources and paychecks OR closed stores, … Read More