BOMBSHELL MOTION: Lynn Haven Defendant Points to More Prosecutorial Misconduct

Burnie ThompsonUncategorized

PANAMA CITY BEACH – Developer James Finch filed a motion today demanding that Prosecutors explain why the Court should not dismiss the entire case as Prosecutors continue to withhold key evidence well after the Judge’s deadline. The motion also demands that Prosecutors turn it over immediately.

Federal Judge Mark Walker has already warned Prosecutors – whose conduct has been deemed unprofessional, haphazard, and reckless – that the Court was losing its patience and said that he could be forced to throw out the entire case. Today’s motion asks the Judge to do just that.

Last month, the FBI search warrant affidavit that led to the raid of GAC Contractors in 2021 was inadvertently unsealed. Defendants claim that the affidavit revealed evidence that contradict their charges and show that the real culprits include the owners of GAC Contractors, City Engineer Chris Forehand, and national disaster contractor Ashbritt LLC.

Defendants also outline how Prosecutors continue to withhold witness statements and impermissibly control evidence that they were entitled to have long ago.

The trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 28.

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