Topsy-Turvy Omerica

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Topsy-Turvy Omerica
By Burnie Thompson

Barack Obama has super powers.

Only he could’ve convinced enough Americans that corruption and criminality emanating from the White House is just politics as usual.

Only he could’ve convinced enough Americans that what used to be considered bizarre is now normal.

Only he could’ve convinced enough Establishment Republicans in Congress to fund his every whim, even as they protest verbally.

These are super powers.

Well, there may be some rational explanations for some of this. Take the Republicans, please. Perhaps they’re compromised and blackmailed by White House spying. Or maybe they’re just on the take.

But what happened to Democrat voters? Whether Obama is against war or becomes a War Lord; whether Obama is against Patriot Act surveillance or becomes the ultimate Peeping Tom; whether Obama promises to cut the deficit in half or actually doubles the entire national debt – Democrats cheer like Nincompoop Bobbleheads.

Only Obama could’ve done this. Because he takes what’s good about America and uses it against us.

Obama has fundamentally transformed America by creating a topsy-turvy environment filled with crisis and Double Speak.

He gave us an Affordable Care Act that is so unaffordable it requires subsidies. He gave us the Consumer Protection Act that hoses consumers. The list goes on and on.

And he has learned that the GOP Congress will not check him at any cost. In fact, they just gave him the nation’s credit card and lifted the debt ceiling. When Obama took office, the federal government owed us $10.5 trillion in back taxes. Now it’s galloping toward $19 trillion. Our entire annual economy is around $14 trillion.

That’s historic.

And unsustainable. A major hallmark of Omerica is that it’s not politics as usual. Indeed, it’s less about Democrats versus Republicans now than it is Insiders versus Outsiders. And we’re on the outside.

Issues that were once considered political suicide are now embraced. From illegal immigration to gay marriage to gun control. Even Establishment Republicans are pushing for illegal immigration now.

They call it “fixing a broken immigration system” and bringing them “out of the shadows.” But the truth is that the politicians themselves are broken and need to come out of the shadows.

Michelle Obama said in 2008, “We’re going to have to change our conversation. We’re going to have to change our traditions; our history.” Check all three.

In Omerica, we don’t talk about illegal immigration as much as we do Syrian Refugees. Obama even dubbed illegal aliens Dreamers and now treats them better than American citizens and veterans. I’m waiting for him to start calling the Syrian refugees Hopers. Already he compared them with pilgrims on the Mayflower.

In Omerica, we don’t debate abortion as much as we do the legality of chopping up baby parts and shipping them through Planned Parenthood. Democrats don’t even argue that it’s immoral. Unless they sell them – because of course, profits are the real evil here.

But why would Democrats do this? There are at least three reasons:
1. They hate Republicans more than they love America.
2. They conflate error with their entire identity. If they were wrong about Obama, then they themselves are somehow wrong fundamentally.
3. They think if they criticize Obama, shouts of racism will ring in their own heads.

Yes, Omerica is Topsy-Turvy. And everybody knows it. In some ways, though, it has made America more transparent. Look – Democrats rejected the word socialism in 2008. Now they embrace two old socialists for their presidential candidate.

Talk about coming out of the shadows.

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