Syrian Refugee Crisis in Omerica

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Omerica
By Burnie Thompson

“Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America.” – President Barack Obama, mocking Republicans who oppose admitting an influx of Syrian refugees

One thing is certain in the fundamentally transformed United States of Omerica: President Obama prioritizes illegal aliens and Syrian refugees over American citizens. Especially over veterans.

Obama created a new class of people in 2012 when he named illegal aliens “Dreamers.” I’m waiting for him to dub his new refugees “Hopers,” and demand we fund their arrival. Let’s hope they don’t become Refugeehadists, as Derrell Day has coined some of them.

Meanwhile, Democrats vilify Americans who demand that we follow the Rule of Law regarding immigration.

Accusations of cowardly racism and xenophobia are launched by self-righteous liberals who are certain the biggest threats facing America are Islamophobia, climate change and hurtful speech.

But think about it – The same federal government that gave welfare to the Boston Bombers and allowed the 9/11 Terrorists to overstay their visas promise to get it right this time.

Well, we don’t believe them. And for good reason.

Paris was attacked the day after Obama claimed to have contained ISIS. A woman homicide bomber struck the day after he ridiculed Republicans about fearing widows.

Already more than half of America’s governors are refusing to accept Obama’s Syrian refugees. And even though the Constitution grants immigration authority to Congress, the states never agreed to allow the federal government to subjugate them with an invasion of refugees.

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a pretext for Obama to continue his brush fires of turbulence to deflect from the corruption and criminality emanating from the White House.

He has become a master of deflection. Obama is the media maestro and his rubes are riveted by the political circus and pizazz.

But most Americans know there is something very wrong with a President who said in August 2014 and again June 2015 that he has no strategy for ISIS. After the Paris attacks, Obama pivoted and blamed Republicans for not having a strategy.

Recently Obama said that he was “not interested in American winning” or “American leadership.”

That’s another thing that’s become perfectly clear in the new Omerica in which we live.
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