FL Rep. Jay Trumbull & Uber

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Local government is supposed to be more responsive. But that goes both ways: When local politicians try to ignore us, WE’LL BE MORE RESPONSIVE. Call FL Rep. Jay Trumbull and ask his position on the SpringBreak Uber Smackdown. Does he support these Uber high-tech jobs that pay between $15-22 per hour? Trumbull has not responded to any of my phone … Read More

ObamaNet: If You Like Your Broadband, You Can Keep Your Broadband

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ObamaNet: If You Like Your Broadband, You Can Keep Your Broadband By Burnie Thompson The writer hosts The Burnie Thompson Show Saturday mornings on Fox 28 WPGX, and weekdays from Noon – 2 p.m. on burniethompson.com. Email him at burnie.thompson@gmail.com. President Barack Obama’s FCC just voted itself the power to regulate “every aspect of how the Internet works,” says Commissioner Ajit … Read More

Double Speak

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Are we living in #Orwell‘s #Oceania? .gov is the Marketplace / Unaffordable is Affordable / Taxes are Investments   #DoubleSpeak

Obama’s “Middle Class Economics”

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Obama’s “Middle-Class Economics”:  Forces Americans into part-time jobs because of ObamaCare costs, while giving full-time jobs to so-called DREAMERS.  Taxes the Middle Class in order to redistribute it to the wealthy and the poor. It’s a complete and utter Bolshevik term that is nonsense on Crack.

Nielsen Ratings SkyRocketed


WE MORE THAN DOUBLED RUSH LIMBAUGH’S RATINGS! Yesterday’s Nielsen (formerly Arbitron) report shows that our show trounced the competition on our flagship station Talk Radio 101 (WYOO) in virtually every demographic for the latest ratings period. We were the highest-rated show on WYOO and had our best ratings in at least the past two-and-a-half years. Did Magic Broadcasting lie or … Read More