DILLINGER GETS HIS (the exclusive news story of the FBI shooting of John Dillinger

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American journalism used to be great. Reporters took pride in their craft, and they were great writers. They paid attention to details, and wrote descriptive stories that were immensely gratifying to read.

Here’s one of my favorites from July 1934: Dillinger gets his, by newspaperman Jack Lait. It’s real-life hardboiled fiction. 

From Wikipedia: “Lait was known as a taciturn, tireless digger of news stories. In July of 1934, as the FBI was closing in on John Dillinger in Chicago, he was on the scene for an exclusive when Dillinger was killed. Lait’s story, dispatched to the International News Service in New York, reached that city before even the Chicago papers were aware of what had happened”

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