BCSO Incident Report: Tommy Hamm

Burnie ThompsonUncategorized

Bay County Commissioner Tommy Hamm asked the Bay County Sheriff’s Office to arrest a 26-year-old single mom for posting on Facebook that he ripped her off $10K for paint work she had done for him.

Here is the incident report.

Hamm’s company Winterfell Construction hired Higby Construction and refuses to pay for any of the work or supplies until some corrections are made.

Commissioner Hamm tried to charge Nikki Higby for threatening a public servant in order to prevent her from telling people about the civil dispute while he’s running for reelection.

This abuse of power from an elected official will be covered more fully in a later story.

The Sheriff’s Office was not happy about Hamm’s outrageous attempt to invoke Florida Statute 838.021 when it so obviously doesn’t apply.

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